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Eating whole, organic foods, or 'slow medicine,' might be the answer to your health problems. As shown in popular food documentaries such as 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead," or "Vegucated," a healthy diet can improve even the most sever symptoms and improve health in a way that medicines haven't been able to. The Huffington Post sat down with Mark Hyman, M.D. -- a leading functional medicine doctor and author -- to discuss why America should make the switch from its medicine dependency to a healthy diet. Hyman insists that cutting out processed sugars, and thus inflammation, from your diet is the key to improving health and reversing disease. While medicines and supplements have the ability to prevent or lessen health problems in the future, their help isn't felt immediately. "It's one thing to eat better to prevent a disease years from now, and it's another thing to eat well now to feel well now." Hyman explains. Eating seasonally and naturally is the quick fix for great health, and does wonders for your body compared to the prescription medicines many Americans fill their body with. Be sure to read the full interview with Hyman here:
Vegucated was a very interesting documentary, I'm glad you brought it up (it's on Netflix!!)
I have weak digestive system, so my body is very sensitive to what I eat. Headache, heartburn, and tiredness always follow after eating junk food. However, clean diet makes my day energetic and enthusiastic. Food really matters.
You are what you eat, it's as simple as that!
What you eat really does affect how you feel. I completely agree with this way of thinking!