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Though I've shared some other videos in the past, this is the first lure making video I have seen that looks practical for a regular fisherman. He keeps it very simple. Good stuff. Now just got to convince the wife that we need a belt sander! Very creative use of the tools, and really shows the way that making your own lures can be very versatile, doing whatever you think your lure needs most!
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that's awesome easier than I though thanks for sharing this one... tight lines
@ZeeRidge Nope this isn't me in the video, but I'm hoping ot learn form it! @CaseyJohnson you're welcome hope it brings you luck
You guys should check out the one @ChaseSarver made! http://www.vingle.net/posts/597460-My-homade-lure-actually-worked pretty cool!
@yakwithalan wow awesome
@yakwithalan @ChaseSarver that's awesome wow