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This is definitely not the prettiest homemade lure you'll ever make, but if you're on a tight budget like I often find myself, making something like this can get the job done, and give you a new lure to work with. This is almost minnow-looking lure takes less time than making it out of a woodblock. The jerkbait stick lure requires little more than a small stick of wood, a drill, a paper clip, some paint or nail polish, and of course, a fishook. Simply break and carve your stick down to the general size and shape of a minnow, then drill a lengthwise hole through the center for the paperclip, which you can loop at one end to attach to your line and at the other to secure the fishing hook. Nail polish can provide a nice layer of waterproof coating that will make your lures last longer.
@JustinRussell I have tried it out, though not nearly this well done. Mine caught me just 1 or 2 bass but I coulda done a better job wiht it
@JustinRussell I haven't myself, but I have a buddy that makes a bit of a fancier vesrion of this and he says they work pretty good in a pinch, though he still uses storebought lures too.
I would definitely make something like this if it meant continuing fishing I wish I never had to leave water
anyone ever use something like this? @dougjohnson @mcgraffy @yakwithalan