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For those of you looking to simplify your life with diabetes, Dario might be the right choice for you. Dario is an all-in-one glucose meter that helps you monitor your blood sugar with an app. It's perfect for people who are on the go and want to organize their life. One of the advantages of monitoring your blood sugar levels with this app is that it analyzes your logs and lets you know why your blood sugars may be low or high. It considers many factors when reaching this decision, such as physical activity, diet, and more. One cool feature is that it can contact someone if your levels are at dangerous levels in case of an emergency. Their mobile app is currently available for android phones and iPhones. Here are the mobile app features: • Automatically logs & tracks blood sugar levels • Monitors sugars in real time and over time • Sends hypo alerts to families • Shows why your sugars changed • Provides actionable insights & alerts • Calculates burnt calories from physical activity eg running, swimming, cleaning • Estimates A1C, Bolus calculator • Syncs with Runkeeper • Multi-device access to information – mobile, web portal for family ------------------------------------------------------------ Download the free app to check it out: Android - iOS -
This sounds really helpful, and I love that it can sync with Runkeeper!
@flymetothemoon I have personally never used runkeeper, but I am glad it syncs too :-)