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Longboard Unboxing!!!
For those of you that wanted to see, I did pictures due to the space I have on my phone. Copied some of the others riders way of doing this ;) -Loaded Tan Tien flex 2- Photo 1: THE BOX!! Photo 2: Opening the box! Photo 3: The wrapping outside the box! Photo 4: STICKERS Photo 5-6: my GF modeling the grip and graphic! Photo 7-8: More pictures of the deck... :D
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Nice!! I got goosebumps just thinking about that new board smell xD
3 years ago·Reply
I want one
3 years ago·Reply
@filirican new board smell?
3 years ago·Reply
yeah, the fresh smell embedded within the packaging, the box, stickers, and the carefully handled deck itself! :) same experience when I opened my dusters demo longboard a couple years back. @lukasdecavitch
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