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Barbie Book, "I Can Be a Computer Engineer", Sends the Wrong Message
News of the latest Barbie Book has been disappointing many people in tech, especially women. To be honest, I thought people were making a big deal about it...until I actually read what the book was saying. In the story, Barbie is designing a game for class, but something goes wrong and all her files are lost. She then runs into some male friends at school and she asks them to help. The friends tell her to not worry and to let them do it because it will be faster (what?!). Oh, and let's not forget that Barbie is just designing the game and her friends Brian and Steven will turn it into a "real" game. I never thought Barbie was a great role model for girls, but this is just too much. I attached pages of the book so you can read what I am talking about.
Thank you for sharing this, @TechAtHeart - the actual pages from the book are just outrageous. Have you seen the Gizmodo article about it? "Barbie F*cks It Up Again" - it's a hilarious commentary:
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@sanityscout thanks for sharing! I'm cracking up right now. I can't believe they even released this book!
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They messed up but at least now we've got a start. Hopefully their next one will be better
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@ChickenNrice Very true. I'm upset this book exists, but I am really glad to see the responses to this book. It has sparked conversations about sexism in the tech industry...and hopefully Barbie will never make this mistake ever again...
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