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I try to start out my day with yogurt, or at least have it for a snack at some point during the day. The protein and calcium are a large part of why I eat it, but there is an added bonus to my little yogurt cups - probiotics! This 'good bacteria' thrives in our intestines and strengthens our system in order to protect our body from harm. Because our intestines are often the first line of defense against any harmful bacteria, having these little super-bacteria here are essential for keeping you in top shape. We are only just beginning to understand these bacteria, and it seems like there are many benefits we are just discovering now. For example, in an initial study, type 2 Diabetes patients experienced significant decrease in fasting blood glucose after eating a specific probiotic yogurt. There’s also evidence probiotics improve oral health. For more info:
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Greek yogurt is how I always start my day!