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I'm in OKC for the night so I decided to go look for some garages downtown. Ended up skating about 5 all in one half hour.. The last pic was the biggest one and they kicked me out via elevator intercom.. Lazy bastards!
Sick! I actually have the urge to skate garages just to get kicked! It just funny! Mug roll up in their lil security guard cart! Or better cops are like... Skating is for transportation! Ummm.. Okay? Anyhow, that's a new one... Elevator intercom! Enjoy your steak! @skatehi619
They said to leave using the elevator and not my skateboard. The garage was linked to an 70 story oil company that basically owns the city so I wasn't about to mess with them...
Hell ya! Now it's time for a steak!
When I was in the spiral one rolled up and told me where the nearest skatepark was....
"Attention longboarder on level 4 wait he is on level 3 now please leave the parking garage before I have to put this donut down and come up there"
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