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So the first one I absolutely true but I've seen it around here with the guys at Zumies only ever talking about arbor or sector 9. Then there's just the second one.
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looks like we've found one of those guys who's knows better than me.. too bad I've never ripped any clothing from my grip tape and too bad when I wear short and a sports bra to go boarding I actually don't end up ripping off my skin. I also carry my board with the grip tape against my skin. crazy shit I know. but here I am. no rips or tears or rashes. I guess I'm just not dumb and don't bomb hills going 45 in my shorts or rub my board all over my skin and clothes. so what if I like airy loose clothing when I board. you get sweaty when you're riding all over town. I guess I should just be amazed that I still have any skin or clothing left after all these years.
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@KaitlynnJanae I honestly think you're just overreacting. Most of the people here are just giving out advice, it's your choice whether to follow them or not. If you don't like it, just ignore. No need for the drama. There are recommended clothing and apparel for boarding, like long pants incase if you fall. Is it absolutely necessary? No. Just if you fall you'll get hurt more than wearing short shorts. It's your choice. No one is forcing you.
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I'm just sharing how the advice from others really comes off as judgments and superiority for boarding. this community compared to others as far as advice has left me wondering if people even know how to give helpful non biased or judgmental advice and has made uncomfortable even place a question related to longboarding.
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@KaitlynnJanae I wouldn't say that most advice people give is biased so much. A lot of people have their preference and what works for them so they share with others their experiences. There's people in every area of life who think their preference is the best and everything else is wrong, that's unavoidable everywhere. Yes there are a few technical stuff that may be better suited such as certain types of shoes and what not, but who cares? Heck, in the summer I rode in flip flops, tank top and booty shorts (I borrowed them from someone, don't ask) so do whatever works for you and is most comfortable. You shouldn't be hesitant to ask questions anywhere. If someone says something wrong, then move along and eventually someone will answer it for you.
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I love loaded loaded it look so cool and nice grip tape form and perfect deck room also best for me to be little higher!
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