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Few years back when my cousins took me snowboarding in Colorado...look at that scene..looks like i hopped into a painting haha would love to live in Colorado one day.
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I know! I just have to decide on a city! Any suggestions? @pangzoo10 really wanna live close to a resort. Either way it's still a year away. I have some time to think I guess. :)
@BrittneySowell ive only been to boulder i think it was..and it was soo nice not too far frm denver which i got to see as well..u can never get lost in colorado as the mountains are ur guide to everywhere haha..but any where u live in colorado u will have an awesome view of the mountains..im thinking bout moving out there too..maybe i a yr or two depending on school and my career goal :)
nice lol hit me up if u ever go to snowboard in colorado again 馃榾 im from there