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Who's up for another wheel talk!?!
Noooo this is not a repost as it came out 3 hlurs ago. Its a fresh vid. Im reaaly looking into these wheels rn...Orangatang Wheel Talk | Kilmer:
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Post away dude. I love your vids. I just got the Cage recently. It sucks I ordered Moronga but got the wrong wheels. I think I'm gonna keep um but I'm probably too light for it, and it's probably too big and wide for me.
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I really should have checked to see if this video was already up. I just posted it and scrolled down to see someone just put it up lol
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Charles it's been happening! The last two times I was gonna post someone beat me to it! Lol I like to space out my cards.
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haha thanks @mpoblete and sorry @CharlesSutliff! It happems a lot. also Happens for me xD
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Looks like a super narrow contact patch! But yeah vingle should make it so u can't post the link if it's already been posted
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