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This is an indispensable accessory everyone should have for fall and into winter. It functions as a neck shield, a makeshift hat, and an emergency shoulder-cover for when you didn't predict it would get that cold. Remember the card about blanket fashion trend? Well, this is an extension of the rising trend. Tips on how choosing the right scarf: A touch of plaid livens up a monochromatic look, while a simple, black scarf will tone down bright prints. Learn from Instagram fashionistas: 1. For those who prefer a monochromatic winter wardrobe, Veronika Molnar found a patterned scarf that packs on the warmth with minimal color. 2. Yanin Namasonthi brings all the fall colors together into one seasonal ensemble. 3. Maddy of Maddinka goes for a boyish vibe with her boyfriend-fit jeans and New Balance sneakers. 4. Plaid and pink can coexist — Kayla Seah's Maison Scotch scarf is a fine example. 5. Courtney Quinn matches her red lip to her equally bright plaid scarf.
Just wore a plaid one today! It keeps me safe from the cold weather without weighing me down.
I love oversize scarves! They're blankets that I can wear outside :)
hmm, I don't think I've ever seen oversized scarves before. I love how it's styled in #2