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Watch in 1080p HD for the best audio quality! This is a movie / montage of 45 mph speed wobbles w/ Behind The Scenes, and from the second annual Freedom in the Forest with B.T.S. footage to show you what it's like to actually be at the show, the D.J. dropping the bass with some freestyle rapping, and then my band The River Rats metal song featuring David called "F.S.U." and then "Anyone Got A Lighter? jam." The intro is my crash clip from my video High Voltage with some unseen footage after the crash. It was my first race that I had ever been to, and it was only the warm-up run on the road. I got speed wobbles at about 45 M.P.H. The song is "123" by my friends old band Sideshow Project. The only reason I called it Shaun White of Longboarding is because I've had many people tell me that I look like him, and I Snowboard, bike, skate, and play music, so we're pretty similar in my opinion. Watch my other video and subscribe for more!
Sounds perfect man, you guys got a great thing going on here :)
Keep your eyes open for that
We are throwing another festival in april sometime with two different race. The downhill race for advanced riders, and a puch race for those who don't want to downhill. There will be live music and a D.J. just like Freedom in the Forest.
Shaun White FTW!
sick!! dude that DJ was killing it!! longboarding and then a concert?! sweet!
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