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My first ever board, which I got used for $50. I wanted to make it look nice and new-ish again, so I decided to touch it up a few weeks ago. I used Painters paint marker (that's the brand name) to cover up the scratches. The scratches were really deep, but I kept putting layers of paint and it worked. I also touched up the deck. You can get paint markers at Walmart, and they are pretty cheap and easy to work with.
So true!!!
same here I mean normal wear and tear is gonna happen but these things ain't cheap why add neglect to the wear just gives em a shorter life and makes you look sloppy
Thank you! I know they're suppose to be like battle scars but I like to keep my toys clean. I always check my board before and after I ride, wipe it down and what not.
Clean em up and keep on trucking!