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How many times have i asked for something and you were always there to give. Thank you doesn't even begin to describe the feelings i have inside. There has never been a day where i looked at the ground and said "i can't" I walk and i walk, and i walk, because w hat good are my ambitions if they're dragged along the floor? I'll talk and I'll talk and I'll talk, because there is not a day that goes by where i think about why i haven't. If i should be thankful to anyone, it should be to you, and you and you and you and you. As hard as i hit the ground you were there. As long as I've spent in the fetal position, you were there. As much as I've cried you were there to wipe away the sorrow that filled the heart of a lonely man. Well at least he thought he was alone. He never looked side to side, because he was to busy looking at the fucking ground! How many times did he lose himself in a field of hopelessness. No! it's because of you! it's because of all of you that i am here! it's your guys doing that i am still here. without you who the hell knows where i would be. Thank you, mom. Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Brother. Thank you, Sister. Thank you, Grandma. Thank you, Grandpa. Thank you, Graham, Hailey, Karina, Tyson, Taney, Ricardo, Javin, Jayven, Mikey, Jacob, Brianna, Dolores, Devyne, Dante, Cyrene, Everyone who was ever there when i needed them most. with out what you have, i wouldn't have made it through a tough life. So here's to you, Here's to me, The Best Of Friends We'll always be.
And thank you @Voltron15 for sharing this work with us: a reminder to look around and appreciate those that support us, and to give them support, to. I love your repetition: it really brings out the passion behind this grateful admission.
@Voltron15 I think that time will come, especially when one of you is clearly so willing to preserve the great parts of it. I wish the best for you all :)
my family is pretty broken, but i'm hoping one day we can all put our differences aside and be a family again.
@Voltron15 This is so nice :) I want to write a poem to thank my family, as well! I wonder if they'd enjoy that. I think your family must really love this :)
@Voltron15 very nice..