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these trucks are amazing, what do you guys think?
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@Eldelay dude how is that Black Widow? it looks like a beast! post some pics or something man
The widows are super dope. They make for some extreme dive. I can't get enough of em.
I'll make a new card showing em off
@Agek what you are referring to is rake. It's okay that you can't handle lively trucks. these are some of the most stable trucks on the market. If you rode these trucks for a year and couldn't figure out how to make them stable, you've failed. You can do countless things to improve them. A good bushing set up always makes the trucks feel stable. Upgrading the pivot tube is the next thing. If that's not enough, you could've got kingpin plugs to remove that slop. hell, I bet you haven't taken the queenpin out and see how that makes the trucks feel. Wedging the trucks is always another one. If you were to tinker with all of the things I've listed I bet you could make them feel stable and not "twitchy." Remember no one blames you for not being able to handle the rake. Not all of us can handle that dive.
@0BryceMcGarity0 I've been riding for quite a few years, Ronins are solid trucks, I won't deny that. But I don't recommend them because they are naturally twitchy, I was running riot upgrades and double tall barrels in billets for a while, switched lots of things around and they never felt quite right to me. Currently I run rogues 43/30 and they feel amazing