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Snowboard Longboard Crossover

@AndrewJohnson was showing me this new setup he just put together. Andrew wanted an over-sized doublekick so he threw some Riptide upgraded Caliber 44 Cal's on his Rossignol snowboard with some 80a Biggie Hawgs! Should be some fun. Not planning on doing much Downhill on it because it is flexible, but should be pretty fun for Freeriding and some skate tricks. I definitely want to try it in the park a little bit too. Riding it, and crashing on it sorta is a wheel-bite magnet!!!
Maybe for freestyle. I wouldn't take this down a hill and slide it lol. How are snowboards durability wise anyways?
@Agek Will do if it gets wheel bite bad. I have a pair we could use lol
Add some grip and risers and you're golden.
Dude! Surfskate Trucks on this board would be amazing!
no wheelbite !!
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