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ShugaTrak app is a great app for parents and younger patients with diabetes, in my opinion. It works by connecting your glucose meter via bluetooth so that it can send readings to the ShugaTrak app. Then, it either sends a text or email to whatever contacts you have connected to your account. This would be great for parents with kids with diabetes because they would be able to get alerts of their child's glucose readings via text or email. In reality, it's a good option for anyone who wants to inform their loved ones of their blood sugar levels and stay accountable. You can try out the app and website for free, but you would have to manually input your readings. The only downside is that you have to pay for this service, but when it is someone's life on the line, then you can look at it as a good investment. You can buy a yearly subscription for $99.99 or pay a monthly price of $9.99. Take note that aside from the subscription, you must pay $49.95 for the Bluetooth adapter as well as $6.95 for shipping. I couldn't find the app in the Play Store or iTunes, so it looks like you have to sign up at the website at