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The speediest of superheroes is about to move not just through space - but also time! According to Comic Book Resources, the CW television version of The Flash will soon be entering into that beloved science fiction trope: time travel. CBC (linked here) writes that the series will be entering into the time travel material during its winter episodes. They have been foreshadowing the time travel possibility since the beginning of the show. The article cites series executive producer Greg Berlanti: ""We, obviously, hint at it from the pilot episode," Berlanti told TV Line. "That is a big -- 'theme' is the wrong word for it -- but that is a big part of the DNA of who The Flash was, so we do deal with that." "As alluded to by Berlanti, time travel has long been a significant part of The Flash's comic book history -- including the famous time-traveling "cosmic treadmill, introduced back in 1961, and multiple characters (such as Impulse and even Iris West) hailing from alternate timelines." I haven't been a follower of The Flash comics, so I'm not sure at all how they will be dealing with time travel in this arc for the TV show. Time travel is a very tricky thing to plot. Some pertinent questions: 1. Will he be running so fast that he goes forward in time? Why would this be the case - doesn't he just run speedily in space? Will he use a device, like that treadmill Berlanti refers to? (kind of hilarious, by the way - I've included some images for reference and enjoyment) According to Kelson Vibber of Hyperborea, "After super-speed vibrations accidentally sent Flash Barry Allen into the distant past, he decided to investigate controlled time travel. Over the course of a few weeks he developed a treadmill powered by cosmic rays. When he ran at top speed, the treadmill would trigger specific vibrations that would launch him forward or backward in time. He would stay in that time period by maintaining that internal vibration, and return to his own time by relaxing it. The treadmill’s controls were calibrated so that he could set it for a particular era and it would produce the exact vibrations he needed to get there.* Read more about the cosmic treadmill at: 2. Age-old questions: If you could go so fast that you travel forward in time, can you also somehow run backwards in time? I found mention of Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash. What is that about? Must research... Flash fans, please enlighten us!