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As long as you're totaling 30 minutes of exercise each day, several brief workouts are fine, says George Griffing, MD, professor of endocrinology at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine in St. Louis. "We need people with diabetes up and moving," Dr. Griffing says. "If you can do your exercise in one 30 minute stretch, fine. But if not, break it up into increments you can manage that add up to at least 30 minutes each day." Try power walking for ten minutes around your neighborhood before dinner or marching in place during commercial breaks for an hour-long show. Here are some workouts that are perfect for daily exercise: Yoga for Lower Back Pain Relief: Upper Back Exercises: Power Yoga for Weight Loss: The main point is to get active! Strive for 30 minutes a day and then beat that goal. You'll be truly amazed at what you can accomplish once you put your mind to it.
Should tell my mom about this and I should power walk with her. Thanks!
@AnthonySanders That's awesome, do you use a tracker? I am obsessed with tracking my distance with MapMyRun (even though I walk, not run haha)
Between work and the cardio walking I do on my own at home I walk 50-56 miles a week..
I power walk to work daily. If I sum up the amount of time spent walking it's as good as 30 mins!
@nokcha yes I use a fitbit tracker to track my walking, food, and sleep