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The freezer is a powerful tool to preserve vegetables and fruit, but did you know you can also preserve herbs? According to Gardener's Eden, preserving herbs in oil reduces some of the browning and freezer burn that herbs can get in the freezer. In addition this herb-infused oil will be great for cooking. Here's how you do it: 1. Choose firm, fresh herbs, ideally from the market or your own garden. 2. If you wish, you can chop them fine. Or leave them in larger sprigs and leaves. Here I froze a combination of finely-chopped and whole herbs such as rosemary, fennel stalk, sage, and oregano. 3 Pack the wells of ice cube trays about 2/3 full of herbs. 4. You can mix up the herbs, too; think about freezing a bouquet garni of sage, thyme, and rosemary to add to winter roast chickens and potatoes! 5. Pour extra-virgin olive oil or melted, unsalted butter over the herbs. 6. Cover lightly with plastic wrap and freeze overnight. 7. Remove the frozen cubes and store in freezer containers or small bags. 8. Label each container or bag with the type of herb (and oil) inside!
@aschaaff glad you like it!
I love this idea!!
This sounds really great for pasta! I typically just add oil and a bit of garlic, but these herbs would really change up the flavor!
Yesss! Pasta!! @thegreenthumb This is such a great card. Totally clipping this.