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Omote (or "face" in Japanese) is a project by Nobumichi Asai showcasing the power of technology and art. The model's face is scanned and then transformed using projecting mapping and motion capture technology. Asai explains more about this project on his website: "[Omote] is a Japanese word for face, or a mask. Face is considered as [mirror] that reflects human soul, a separation between Omote (exterior) and Ura (interior), and in Nogaku, Japan’s classical musical plays, performers use Omtoe masks to express multitude of dramatic emotions...Face-mapping technology already exists, often used in marketing initiatives. But I wanted to focus on the expression of [beauty] and [make-up art] instead of technological gimmicks and impacts." This is so beautiful and impressive. I love that Asai wants to focus on the how art can be created with technology and not on "technological gimmicks." My favorite is the cyborg mask - I cannot believe how realistic it looks. Can you imagine this being used in performance art? Artists will no longer need to spend hours on makeup and create visual masterpieces by simply moving their body. I love that technology is being used in artistic ways, I am excited to see how this innovation will affect the future. Have any of you heard about projection mapping and face tracking before? @danidee I'd love to hear your thoughts. Check out "Omote" in action in the video that I attached. Check out Asai's website: