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As some of you may know I flow for a couple people and am on a local team. I wanted to give you a little tutorial on how you can land a sponsorship, and how it can help you in the long run. Remember, a sponsorship is a privilege so don't get cocky. STEP ONE: Go out and skate with people who flow or are sponsored, take a step back and look at yourself in comparison to them, are your skill levels equal or higher? Good you should move on to the next step. If the answer is no then you should keep practicing, and don't be discouraged, everyone has to start somewhere so don't give up. If you truly love it then you'll keep skating and land a sponsorship later. STEP TWO: Once your skills are well rounded, get footage. Footage is going to be a main basis for getting sponsored, who can believe you without proof? Make sure it's clean and stable shots, your tricks look good on video as much as they do in real life, and that you have nice footage in general. STEP THREE: Make yourself known. Who's going to sponsor you if they know nothing about you? Go into your local shop and make your face familiar. Support the shop and buy something you might need. Show them you care. TIP(3): Emails work great for non local, ride their product. STEP FOUR: Bring up being sponsored, being casual is better than forcing it upon them, be like "Oh hey, I have some clips if you want to check them out!" If they say sure then show em and tell them you're looking to land a sponsorship. Converse and see what they say. If they say no or want more footage then go get it And prove you're worth it. TIP(4): Be confident but casual. Attitude gets you everywhere. STEP FIVE: Follow through! At this point the shop has considered you and you are on the team or mostly there. Finish the deal and get that sponsorship! I hope I helped. Make sure your skill level is up to par, being a kook won't get you good rep. If you don't have a local shop, emails work(make sure you own their products an enjoy them). Social media is also key, have a dope photo or video of you on their product? Send it to them through Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Make yourself known that way. ONLY TRY TO RIDE FOR COMPANIES THAT MAKE PRODUCT YOU LIKE! THERES NO POINT IN RIDING FOR SOMEONE WITH GEAR YOU DONT ENJOY. Good luck guys, Stay steezy! -Patrick
Seriously though guys, don't expect a sponsorship. They're looking for unique people, and if you're not're not sponsored.
@steezus not just unique but skilled and still have potential. It would be awesome to be sponsored but I'm no where near ready to try and get a sponsorship I can't even slide yet
@JoeyMotionless As will I, but a sponsorship is a great stepping stone to going on trips and stuff.
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