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The Yoop (UP, or upper peninsular) of Michigan is a beautiful place at any time of year from what I've heard, but the only time I have been there is fall!! A few years ago, I went to a family reunion there, and I've always hoped to get back. This video includes beautiful sites from the UP, including the porcupine mountains, Mount Marquette, and Munising. Have you been to any of these places? Video by Mike Kvackay (
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I've never had the chance to go to Michigan, sadly, and my family only has plans for the lower peninsula.....would you say its 'not as pretty? @onesmile
@timeturnerjones All of Michigan is pretty, my friend! The UP just feels more empty, more in touch with nature in some ways!
@onesmile Ahh, I see :) Both are totally worth a visit, then!