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Meet Sung Hoon, the cast of Cheon Eum Ja
Name: Sung Hoon Born : February 14, 1983 Debut : In 2011 SBS (A New tales of Gisaeng) TV Series 2011 : A New Tales of Gisaeng 2012 : The Bodyguard Chinese CCTV series 2012 : Faith SBS Drama Awards New Star Award 2011 A New tales of Gisaeng OMG He's HOT isn't he?
he's good...but in new tales of gisaeng is the best!
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@bix2anca yup hes awesome there
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@mihihi703 you should ad this to Sung Hoon party on vingle
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waiting for a lead role, because he's more than capable to do it!
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@ugsi thx ^^ I'll ad this :)
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