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This just in: you can get yourself a Chocolate Teddy Graham Latte at Starbucks! Don't go running to your local barista and trying to order this by saying, "I'd like a Choco Teddy Graham Latte, please!" Nothing will get you decaf espresso faster than trying to order from the "Secret Menu" without knowing the ingredients. Seriously. So, here's how you can order this amazing latte! NOTE: Your Starbucks needs to have the seasonal Chestnut Praline to be able to make this :) There are few ways to order this. The standard (no espresso): Order a Hot Chocolate, but ask them to sub the Vanilla with Chestnut Praline syrup. The more sweet (no espresso): Order a Hot Chocolate, and ask them to add Chestnut Praline. The caffeinated: Order a mocha, and ask them to add Chestnut Praline syrup. If you don't want whipped cream, make sure to let them know! There are so many other variations you could make with this (Frap? Iced? Iced coffee with syrups added? Think of all the possibilities!) But I recommend you try the basic one first, so that you can be sure you'll like it before dropping more $$$!
@Spudsy2061 As someone who loves good coffee but also a good mocha, and worked at Starbucks, I really understand. I hate fraps but sometimes they taste so good....if you ignore the calorie count!!
#1 Me: I don't like "gimmick drinks." #2 @hikaymm posts this card. #3 Contradictions are abound.