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If you haven't checked out the UK's Open University yet ( you should. Not only are they attempting to provide a level of higher quality of online education for degrees than anyone has before, they also make a lot of short, online video intros to many topics (including but not limited to religion, economics, literary theory, and more). My favorite "crash course" series of theirs is titled "60-Second Adventures." In this series, arcane academic ideas are made accessible to laypeople with no prior background in the subject. A.K.A I can finally understand without having to do additional research just to get the meaning of a video! For these two particular videos, they've teamed up with writer and BBC broadcaster Melvyn Bragg of In Our Time fame for a series of video shorts that run just a little over 60 seconds each. The shorts are based off a radio program ("A History of Ideas") and introduce the ideas simply but thoroughly. These two videos take a look at the problem with Free Will, and explains many of the ideas that scientists have had about Free Will over time. Enjoy! Drawn from Bragg’s BBC 4 radio program “A History of Ideas,” the shorts introduce exactly th