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so I've had these for some time. they're my first slide wheel. I think they're fast and soft but not very easy to slide with. have your ever ridden these? what are some preferred slide wheels?
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@nickcongelliere ok I use them pretty often. not to slide rho because they're not very easy to bust out yet for me
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@Yaco I get you completely. You can slide on them, but not as well as others. Like, you lose a lot of speed on your slides with them. I am lovin the Otangs I talked about though. Super slippery yet grippy at the same time. It breaks free well
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looks like I gotta get me some otangs after I get these cored @NickCongelliere (^..\\)
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@Yaco please do! You will NOT, NEVER regret that decision
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lol cx about how much do they go for @nockcongelliere
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