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According to this year's Global Terrorism Index, Religious extremism is the main driver of terrorism in recent years. The Global Terrorism Index recorded a 60% increase over the 18,000 deaths in 2013. The majority of these deaths are attributed to a central location and specific groups. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria accounted for 80% of the deaths and Islamic State (Isis) in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram in Nigera, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and al-Qaida accounted for 66% of the deaths. Since the suicide attacks in 9/11, there has been fivefold increase in deaths from terrorism.
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People turn to religion when they have no other way to feel accepted, and when even that doesn't help they become fanatics. It is no coincidence that there is a rise in religious extremism since 9/11 .
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That is not religion.
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