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Almost every time I go riding there is that one guy that's like do a kickflip or can you Ollie that
people should know the difference between longboards and skateboards
I go the hookah bar that's a few blocks away from my house almost every night to hang out and I longboard there and every time I go through this one neighborhood their like do a kickflip or do an Ollie or some trick. One time I bombed a hill and this girl was like heyyy come talk to me and I was like jailbait
When I was a kid(&only skated street) my best friend and I used to do "tricks" outside of grocery stores for change... for the most part I just bomb hills stupid fast!!
Guys do a tigerclaw or ghost flip
On campus "do a kick flip" I stop look at them and say you wanna try, they look and go oh that's not a skateboard... No shit
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