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Ready for Ice Fishing!
Who's ready for ice fishing? Who has already been out on the ice? Let me know!
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Is ice fishing fun? I always wanted to go ice fishing.
3 years ago·Reply
@joshuavue if you like the cold, and beer, and fish. yes it is.
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@@JustinRussell I went out last night after work . caught a 5 gallon bucket of gills and 4 crappie in the 14 inch range . O' yes I had beer . lol Now with the warm spell for next 2 days ice will b gone til mid December so I won't b back out on the ice til it refrezzes .
3 years ago·Reply
Not my favorite kind of fishing in the past, but thinking of giving it another chance this year!
3 years ago·Reply
most definitely, just went out yesterday and got some good size arctic char.
3 years ago·Reply