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Aaron Martens Loses Winning Fish
He lost 4 keepers the final day of the 2005 Classic that would have put him well ahead of Kevin Van Dam. What can we learn from this? I'm not sure. Make sure you're hooked. Make sure you're sure. Don't be over confident. And just have some patience because these things happen!
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@dougjohnson What would you guys do in this situation? If you keep losing fish? @JustinRussell @yakwithalan @KevinVue
3 years ago·Reply
Gotta have a net ready!!!
3 years ago·Reply
id have to hop in. grab them suckers. as long as you keep one hand on the boat it counts.
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I'm with @JustinRussell on that!!! Get in there!! (and have a net ready....@KevinVue is right too!)
3 years ago·Reply
What @KevinVue said! Have a net ready. But I guess if this is professional idk the rules for this tournament if nets are ok or not to count as a full catch
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