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This is the board I'm asking my mom to get me for Christmas. I'd be putting my Randall trucks, Bones Reds, and Abec11 Grippin's on her. I already have Maxxie planned I just have to get her
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I don't personally like kryptonics boards. I've never really met anyone who likes them really. they are a good beginner board, its what I got started on myself actually. but for anything except a first or second board I would strongly say no to them. @RhynhardtMuddle
ok what is bad about them @sethssmith
I mean there is nothing especially "bad" about them. but they definetly aren't the best at turning, they are not very smooth, the boards really aren't the best quality. and there is other minor things but they don't matter to much. but like I said, they are a really good first board in my opinion because since the trucks are so amazingly stiff (even after loosening a lot) it helps you get more comfortable on a board.
what about Quest 41" Tribes Pin-Kick Tail Longboard @sethsmith
I honestly have no clue on that one, I've never rode it but its definetly looks like one of the best looking kryptonics boards ive ever seen