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Every Wednesday for the next six weeks, I will be publishing a card for my new Fine Arts collection 'A Christmas Wish List for Art Nerds'! These cards will be featuring some inexpensive and unique holiday gift ideas for the arts patron in your life - or maybe even introduce you to something you didn't know you wanted for yourself! I've decided to start off with this hilarious book of art history themed paper doll cutouts created for Chronicle Books by illustrator Kyle Hilton. Kyle's illustration work has been in a number of magazines and advertisements, and he's most noted for the paper doll illustrations he's made for New York Magazine's Vulture blog. Given he's an arts professional, it was only time before he brought his paper doll craft back to his roots. It's there where "Art History Paper Dolls" was born. I love this book because it not only features the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, Georgia O'Keefe, and Leonardo da Vinci, but includes facts about each of the artists all over the page. (For example, did you know French nightlight aficionado Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec invented his very own cocktail?) Pick this book up for the art nerd in your family that loves their history with a few extra dashes of humor.
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I love that Pollock has one expression haha!