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For all my fellow diabetics..
@nokcha it's just that low in fat iron and protein... I believe mainly from grazing on grass rather than such things as grains and say oats, molasses... which are more fatty.. being diabetic and native (ute).. my tribe has a herd of Buffalo that is processed and handed out to our members.. This is a source of meat that is tender and what our immune system is used to.. I believe I have contracted diabetes from fast food and sugars and salts something as a ute male I wasn't immune to.. so bison has become a good diet and also great education for fellow diabetics... I hope your able to try it eventually... keep me posted. I'm wondering if it's an acquired taste..
Bison?! I can only read the "low in fat, high in iron, high in protein" part of this paper. Could you share a bit more about bison meat? I honestly have never even tried it!