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The Dark Reality
Truth Only!!!
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Off topic, but what kind of number formatting is that on the left side? Comma is a thousand seperator.
@dvdeus first of all I am from India,and here the integer format doesn't have a million system, so after ten thousand, we don't say 100 thousand, but its one Lac, so it is denoted as 1,00,000. after the first 1000, next commas appear after 2 digits. secondly I am pointing at a figure that displays the number of Human Deaths, and you moron, looking at the integer comma flaws?? what kind of a heartless crapshit is this?? thirdly, why is a death of 1.5 million ppl an "Off topic"....??? How much more ppl would have to die for an idiot like you to consider it an "On topic"????