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I was rushing over to a theater I was running downtown during last week's film festival when I saw this amazing shark mural! It was at night, and I was in a little bit of a time crunch, but I wanted to be able to share it with the rest of the Vingle street art nerds! I was able to find out that this is a very recent collaboration between UK street artist Phlegm and local shark conservation and preservation non-profit PangeaSeed. The mural is of a mechanical shark being powered by characters that are commonly seen in other Phlegm works. Perhaps this cartoonish robo-shark is a bit of a warning as to what would happen if we didn't take better care of the sharks we have now? In any case, I'm always excited when some really great street art comes through my hometown of San Diego. Do you have cool street art where you live? Snap a picture, make a card, and tag me in it! I'd love to see!
@TechAtHeart I never saw it that way, but I think that's an awesome interpretation!
Wow this is awesome, I love all the detail...It makes me think of sea world and how the animals are" caged" and controlled for entertainment purposes.
I'm not sure if this is a statement on wildlife or not, but awesome art nonetheless!