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This is for who ever said that Blood Orange grip tape was "worn out" in two hours, and everyone skeptical of that. I've had this for three plus months, and as you can see it's pretty worn out along the rails. I wouldn't say it's trash, but if you have the money replace it for sure. My feet tend to slip when I don't get them in the right spot before a slide. My shoes are also pretty worn, mainly because of gnarly grip-tape, so that is another factor to add to the slipping. Now It's just muddy as all hell. Still bomb, and slide it, and I manage to stay on it. Blood Orange is not my favorite grip, but if you like bright colors, and grip-tape that is easy to customize, get some B.O.
I use vicious grip tape
vicious all the way. except for freestyle. tie up my thumb
I tried out Bomb grip and it has been passing the time test on my sugar. @JoshSmith I definitely recommend softer grit for freestyle so you don't tear up your gloves, and won't cut your hands either!
Well 3.50 for 12in isn't that bad