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so my sister got a longboard on sunday , but shes one of those girls that rides for the look of it, not the thrill, but what she didnt realize is that this board was meant for..........CARVING.......and when she rode it for the first time today, guess which one of us falls and starts to cry -.-
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@steezus i feel you but like she got a penny board because that was whats in at the time she doesnt have an interest in riding
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but hopefully when the weather gets better, i can get her a regular pintail and let her learn the basics from there
3 years ago·Reply
Ohhhh... I hate penny board culture. All about using it as an accessory. Hopefully she is willing to learn how to REALLY longboard. Good luck man!
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thanks man i can sure use all the help i can get
3 years ago·Reply
Get her a kahuna stick!
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