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these really piss me off a bit
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i've never in all of my boarding experience have ever been able to get my board in the air weither it be a skate board or longboard i've never been able to its just me
a person, especially during the 1950s, characterized by a particularly strong sense of alienation from most established social activities and relationships. @KacperKania this is the definition but in my own words a person who doesn't like the common things people like and separate themselves from the mainstream stuff. It's slang so most people use it in a derogative manner.
Okay thanks @DanielSpazJames
Obviously these people have never seen Brad Edwards, James Kelly, El Beasto, Shane Hidalgo ( RIP ), Matt Kienzle, Ian Joe Dutch, Brian Peck, Emily Pross, Molly Lewis, Spoky Woky, Alicia Fillback, Ryan Ricker, Cami Best or Sergio Yuppie ride.
haha I just had a really long definition/history of hipsters starting with hep cats in the 1930's I accidently hit the back button lol I'm not retyping all that!