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Reel Big Fish: Army Soldier KO's Goliath Grouper …: http://youtu.be/3I0n0mBw1_E
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I hear in florida is where they do it.
@JustinRussell Seems like it. I have seen a lot of videos from down there. Seen a few guys go overboard trying to fight them, too
You and me both!!! @JustinRussell. Me and @mcgraffy talk about how much we wanna go grouper fishing a lot. They're apparently the bass of the sea, but I think they fit a bit more than that!!
@dougjohnson @mcgraffy even the small ones are big. I seen a great video where they hook up like largemouth and they fight like hell. I'll try to find it
@JustinRussell Awesome, let me know if you do find it! I wanna give this a try so badly