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It looks like Android L "Lollipop" has some nice little features in it. one of the most notable to me, which is not featured in this article, is the return of third-party apps right to write to the external SD card. The ability to add extra storage to my Android phone and move content between the phone and SD card is one of the things that really separates Android from Apple. The Android community voiced their displeasure at the removal of that function with the Kit Kat release and Android promised that functionality would return in Android L. Now, my favorite feature outlined in this article is the screen pinning function. This allows you to identify an app that you would like to "pin" on your phone. then, when you share your phone with a child to play a game or friend to look at some pics, they will only be able to access the app you previously pinned. protecting your privacy and preventing accidental actions from being taken on your phone. Sounds hot, right? Check out the article and let me know what your favorite Android L feature is.
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I'm so happy about the SD card change. I want this update already...patiently waiting haha