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I was hired to shoot some PR and marketing photos for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art as they enter into an aggressive campaign to raise a record amount of money to do important (and necessary) structural repairs and updates to their 100+ year old building (originally the post office for Santa Barbara). It's a beautiful museum with several amazing permanent collections. Their Far East collection is stunning and they have a world-class Impressionism collection - on loan from Michael Armand Hammer. If you are visiting Santa Barbara you should make a point of visiting. Admission is free on Thursdays.
They don't allow you to shoot photos of the impressionist paintings - I could have - they gave me unfettered access - but out of respect for the Hammer family - who owns the pieces in that collection - we (the museum communications director and myself) decided we'd focus on the collections that belong to the museum. The renovation project is detailed here:
Wow, I've never actually been, but now I want to take the trip sometime. I love Eastern art, and there seems to be a lot of it here.
@JonPatrickHyde I wouldnt be surprised if he or she has. I love the MET, too, but to me the best is still the Museum of Natural History. That is one of the most surreal and incredible places I have ever visited. Actually, one of the things I love about NYC museums is that they are free. I am from Peru, from a part called Lambayeque. We have a museum dedicated to one of the most incredible and valuable historical collections: the Señor de Sipan collection. The sad part is that it is too expensive for some people from my town to go!! How sad is that?? I have so much respect for NYC museums for that reason (and maybe why I didnt visit the MOMA too much lol)
I'll be back in Santa Barbara this winter, I'll definitely be checking this museum out! I can't remember the last time I visited!
@TechAtHeart I've only ever driven through it on a road trip up to Eastern Washington with a friend. I'll need to explore California a little more. I'm sort of living in a Southern California bubble
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