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So I just got this awesome board in a trade today, but that is not the point of this. I just got Riptide pivot cups to replace the old pivot Cups in my Gullwing trucks. It is a bear part, but it fits the same. I would suggest getting the charger II cups so you will know they work better. This is just what my skate shop had. Does anyone know the best way to get the old pivot cups out when they are really stuck? The other one just fell out
And use a screwdriver to pry out the pivot cups, and pliers to pull it out. Idk what to do tho if you want to still keep using the old ones
take the axle of your hanger put it in the pivot cup and push down it should be enough leverage to pry it up than rip it out with pliers
In my experience there are two ways to go about it. If you have raw trucks, you can use a pocket torch and heat up the old cup which makes it brittle. A little work with some pliers makes it a quick job. Otherwise, get behind it with a screwdriver and then use pliers and start yanking. . It definitely can be done. However you generally won't get to keep your old pivots. But that's OK. Stock pivots are garbage
lol! yeah, I would want to risk mutilating my pivot cups with a screwdriver xD but I'm glad I can help! always been my technique!
@Shulace the old ones always get too effed for me. @filirican knows what's up though. Don't use old pivot cups man. That's why you replaced it in the first place. I would just trash can it
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