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Okay, I know that I am reading way to deep into this dog race, but I think that this video is a pretty awesome metaphor for life. I am a goal oriented person. I love deadlines and meeting numbers and being able to see my progress all the time. I am constantly pushing myself forward, moving towards my next goal. But looking at the first dog in the race - the one who didn't get "distracted" by the little things and just ran straight to the finish - made me wonder if this kind of life makes you miss out on something great that daily life has to offer. Look at how much fun that golden retriever had. He experienced everything that that path threw at him. He took time to play, to eat, to explore. Eventually, he finished the race too. You can choose to live your life however you want to, but perhaps we should all think about what our goal-driven lifestyle is making us miss. You can have fun while achieving your dreams. Just look at this golden retriever :)
I think I already am the golden retriever! I tend to be the one always getting side tracked, but I am proud to say I do see things through in the end.
I wasn't expecting this with a cute dog video, but I totally agree with you :) It's a great feeling to accomplish something, but its even better when you have fun along the way.
This is so motivational, thanks for sharing! Living life on the edge is amazing. I guess you just have to find a healthy balance of work and play!