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If you're like me who goes in and out of stores and places or even just walking with someone, you know your board can get heavy after a while. A simple way to fix that problem is to take an old bag that uses an adjustable strap, preferably a messager bag, and cut it off. Take the end of the strap and just sew it so it forms a loop. Put each truck through each loop and swing it across your back and bam, easy way to carry your board. It's easily adjustable and makes carrying your board so much easier. I made this over a year ago and still works pretty good. Thought I might share my little invention with you guys.
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Dude that is genius. Why haven't I thought of that? Thanks bro
3 years ago·Reply
What do you do with the strap when you want to ride?
3 years ago·Reply
an awesome headband! @mikerosa92
3 years ago·Reply
@mikerosa92 I almost always have a bookbag on me so I just toss it in there. If not, I just wrap it up and clip it on my belt.
3 years ago·Reply
that's neat
3 years ago·Reply