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As a software developer, we have to work in all kinds of enterprises. In my career, I worked for phone companies (Bell, Telus, Verizon) as a software consultant and learned a great deal about telecommunications. It did also some work for doctors and accountants and also learned a great deal in their respective fields. Currently I work for Premier Aviation and learning a lot on aircraft maintenance. My job, as a project software manager, is to learn how to do maintenance on aircraft, translate that process into a computer software and ensure that everything is working as expected. Above all that, I'm always excited to be the witness of really cool things like this one: The LCF official aircraft repainted with the logos of all the teams. Note: in one frame, you can see my silhouette in one of the windows office. Have a look at the video and enjoy!
Wow! That is so cool! Thanks for updating, @patrickballeux. They did such a great job with that... Thanks for pointing out the video, too - I'm watching it now. I agree with @csgeek - it does sound like you get to do really cool things in your work!
Sounds like a super fun job. the beauty of software development is that you can go into so many different fields. I don't follow football, but seeing how they added the logos was really cool. Thanks for sharing :-)
I've updated with a better picture @WordDoctor. Yes there is a video of you follow the link at the bottom
Hi @patrickballeux - the plane image is a bit small for my bad eyes, but it looks like a very cool paint design! Is there a video that goes with it?