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everything changes
when nothing stays the same
and the flames
yesterday's treasure
consume the past
and formality
hides the last ember
of an unforgettable fire
because the business of love
is deluxe in stature
when its hour of increase
breaches the heart's gate
the resurrection of feelings
ten thousand lifetimes past
in a midnight garden
of lucid
in a dream awake

Author Notes
CONSUMED ~ D James Breaux

lucid dream (ˈluːsɪd driːm)
a dream in which the dreamer is aware that she or he is dreaming.

The concept of "Consumed" is the gateway to a lonely heart which is caught up in a constant state of lucid dreaming about a love from a different time, consumed by its memory.

In relation to the phenomenon of lucid dreams, Greek philosopher Aristotle observed: "often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream".

Lucid Dreaming:
A Lucid Dream is when a person dreaming becomes aware that he is dreaming, and is able to influence or control what happens.

There are different types of lucid dreams, such as Dream-Initiated Lucid Dreaming which occurs when you are in the middle of a dream and suddenly realize that you're dreaming. Others are reportedly able to go directly from a waking state into lucid dreaming, which is known as Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream.

Some people believe that Lucid dreaming has benefits including increasing creativity and aiding in problem-solving, and providing an opportunity to practice new skills while in a dream state. Lucid dreaming may also be used in a therapeutic manner, such as providing a safe venue to face one's fears and improve confidence by providing an opportunity to practice social skills.
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OK Cool bro, thanks for letting me be a peacock and strut, let's do this thing =D
3 years ago·Reply
These lines really conjure up an interesting image for me: "in a midnight garden / of lucid / ceremony" - it creates a great mood.
3 years ago·Reply
Right on Doc, thanks bro. Yeh interesting to note, a Lucid Dream state is almost like being awake in a dream where you can actually manipulate events. Great idea for an Author note =D
3 years ago·Reply
The author note is a great idea! Actually, I vividly remember at least 2-3 instances of dream-initiated lucid dreaming from my childhood. They all had to do with scenarios I was very frightened of, in recurring dreams, that I was able to will myself to control. It's a pretty crazy concept!
3 years ago·Reply
Back to read this again; and it's still fantastic!
3 years ago·Reply