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Thoughts? I know is a very wide topic because I didn't single out specific decks.. But what are y'all's opinions?
It kinda depends on decks. Loaded has a lot of...repeats. There are a TON of Loaded double kicks, and they're basically the same (besides the tesseract/chubby those boards are one of a kind!) I kinda like original, because their decks (like loaded) are pretty unique. Take the diamond drop as an example. That board is something I've never seen until it came out!
the original Freeride is awesome. great for tricks, and is pretty decent for downhill
I have the free ride 38. gat board for free ride but a little heavy fire free style
Loaded Vanguard is basically only good for cruising, pumping, carving, and light dancing in my opinion. Lemme get back to you on the original freeride, haven't heard much about it/seen it in any videos.
Very true! @steezus . How do you feel about the loaded vanguard and the original freeride?