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They made their intentions known
Intentions that were limitless
The minutes not yours
(It became) a game of chance
Truthfully played

But there is no
Truthful exchange
When time is


The city in your heart was silenced
By their destructive sun
No more questions (End)

In this new hour you can realise yourself Again

Because it's not what was that matters
But what is

In this new hour you can replace the lost Minutes
Repair the broken seconds
Make an epic rise

Never missing
That part


You left behind
The part that relied on someone else
Painting silhouettes of you on the walls
Of what they wanted you to be

The coloures were all wrong

(Begin) Your new station is the now place
And it is good
And you like it there
And you can see yourself
From the top of the hill

And your heart
Your victorious heart declares
That love
Is not
Being powerless

Or wishing impossible things
Or happiness eroding
Or inner strength emptying

So you stay in the now place
And prosper
Your hill


Are power

And you can believe again
And ascend
Ascend to a world of your own
Author Notes
08:54:51 Time Is The Enemy ~ D James Breaux

Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much power over your life.
~Mandy Hale

Right on brother, thanks much =D
Haha cool =D ...that's what I want, to take my readers to a strange place, drop them off in the middle of nowhere, and leave them stranded to figure their own way out, whatever turns they might take and whatever destination they might choose. Every word it's own little emotion machine propelling them further along. Sometimes shining a light and bringing them back in the end, sometimes not. And if sometimes I can make them a bit uncomfortable in the process, even better. I want to make my readers say what the hell is going on here and still keep reading, at the scene of the crime, whilst I commit premeditated grammar homicide with complex and distorted literary architecture, rather than thoughtfully designed word art, maybe like a Tim Burton of poetry =D ...but I digress...I think Author Notes at the end of certain pieces can be a fun thing, as long they serve a purpose. Like with Content The Tide, the Author Notes are longer than the poem itself ~ which is already very long. Uncontent is a whole different beast though, sort of like an orchestration on life rather than a poem. And it was a bit of a stretch to expect even the most fertile imagination to interpret 'the brilliant box' for example. The thing runs wild and rampant with figurative language which almost deserves a closer examination. But on the other hand, when you let it all hang out and push the boundaries far beyond the last exit to sanity, it's a vote of confidence for the reader to figure it out for themselves ~ when you give them choices, which is the luxury of art, everyone will interpret differently through their own eyes. So yeh it's so fun you mentioned 'End' and 'Begin' in 08:54:51 Time Is The Enemy, because I actually considered Author Notes here, but didn't want to affect the piece by adding to it ~ which can sometimes have an unwanted diminishing effect if you're not careful, quite the opposite of what you wanted to achieve by adding notes in the first place. So here, I opted for the more risky proposition of putting the reader at the end of the diving board blindfolded without notes. I'm going to guess the 'End' I chose to give meaning to, is not so much different from the 'End' you chose to identify ~ stopping, a fork in the road, change, a turning point. And I would wager the same for 'Begin' ~ renewal, the result of changing circumstances, a new place. So much fun, thanks =D
@DJamesBreaux I agree with your choice not to include notes, but I also would love to see them! Perhaps the occasional reflection by the author card might be appropriate, or linking to an author card....hmm. I'm not sure! There are many ways it could be done. Anyways, great work. And thank you for letting us into your mind a bit to see how this creation came about!
I just read this outloud because I wasn't sure how i would deal with the spacing that @greggr mentioned and boy, is it fun to read!! @DJamesBreaux I wasn't sure how to read the parts like (end) and (begin) though. It felt like a transmission, being started and stopped. Interesting!
Right on brother, thanks man =D
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